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Tips to Style Full Length Embroidered Suits

Tips to Style Full Length Embroidered Suits

Welcome to Saree Exotica post where we discuss the latest ethnic wear trends. We’re a brand that specializes in suits, sarees, kurtis and lehengas & quite obviously; we keep track of every latest trend. In today’s post, we’re going to talk about the trend of full length embroidered suits, how to take up this trend and tips on rocking this trend. Are you ready?

Team it up with palazzos

The full-length straight suits have always been worn with a pair of tight-fit churidars. But this needs to change as there’s a better version of trousers that will look super-hot on you. It’s palazzos. Now the thing about palazzos is they can be notorious for making you look broader than you are. When you wear palazzos with full-length embroidered suits, that ill-effect will just go. How cool is that!

It’s a win-win situation. You get to team up your straight kurtas with a new kind of bottom, and you get to try the palazzo trend even when you wouldn’t do it otherwise because of your physique.

Designer Palazzo Suit

Bring on the heels

We believe in comfort more than style, but still, long embroidered suits would just not look good with flats. You can try that. These long suits make you look short and wearing them with flats would ultimately make you look like a round ball. Ouch! That did sound mean, but we like to express the truth. That’s what it is.

Long Embroidered Suit

So, when you’re wearing your favorite long embroidered suit, make sure you match it with a cool pair of heels.

Long Embroidered Suit

Long earrings are on!

Hanging earrings or long earrings are what you require while picking up this trend. Now, you would have got the point that palazzos and long suits will have an effect on your height. To nullify this overall effect, you got the heels. But there’s an effect on your face as well. How will you deal with it?

We have an answer. Get a pair of long earrings to accessorize with these kinds of suits. Remember that studs or small earrings are a big no-no with embroidered suits. You need longer ones – be it chunky or sleek, it doesn’t matter.

Try full sleeves

Another trick that can lift up your entire look is going for full sleeves kurta. It will make your arms look very toned and also give you the perfect conservative and modern look. We are not trying to stereotypical but long suits don’t go that well with short sleeves. They always look good with full or quarter length sleeves.

Full Sleeves Suit

Go for heavy embroidery

Make sure the piece you pick up has embroidery all over it. It might be minuscule and intricate design or large chunky floral patterns, but it should cover the entire piece in one way or another. It’s crucial as if you wear a full length embroidered suit, and it doesn’t have a design which covers all of it, it’ll look awkward and not so good.

Floral embroidery is in

There are so many different types of embroidery designs, and it is evident to get confused over what to pick. Here’s the answer – floral embroidery. This thread embroidery is the hottest trend during this season. Moreover, it’s very durable and easy to maintain. The only thing you need to look for is quality, which isn’t that tough to find. Moreover, you’re on the Saree Exotica blog!

Saree Exotica is a brand that’s known for its 100% original and high quality embroidered suits designs. So, that’s taken care of.

What are you waiting for? You’ve got equipped with all the tips you needed to rock this trend.

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