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The Best Fashion Trend Ever

Did you know that every 0.25 of a second, a fashion blog is launched somewhere in the world? Well, not strictly true (actually, it probably is – we just don’t have the scientific evidence). But it seems like it, none?Are you wondering which ethnic wear trends are going to rock the new year? 2015 has been an incredible year for fashionistas who decided to experiment and reveal some incredible jewels from their collection. What about 2016? What is going to happen with ethnic wear trends 2016?

Which trends will be hot? And which trends will fall cold like winter chill? If you want to know about the ethnic wear trends 2016, you’re at the right place.

“Color: what a deep and mysterious language!”
Specific hues can provoke different emotions, associations, and responses that affect how your brand is perceived. Put simply, color choices can make or break a design. In fact, research has shown that color can increase brand recognition (by up to 80%), memory, engagement with a design piece, text comprehension.

Color can make or break designs. It can make things beautiful and serene, or intimidating and sharp; the choice is yours, because it all boils down to a careful and intentional use of hues.

Try out Weird color combinations: gone are the days when we used to say “Black is sexy”. Now, “weird is sexy”. Weird color combinations are no longer weird. They are trending. So, pick up the color chart and try color combinations that you have never thought of trying before. Mix and match the colors that you never did even in your vague dreams and then see the magic happen!


Green Bridal Lehenga Choli
The fabric is in focus!
Women are becoming more conscious about the kind of fabric they wear. It is no longer about wearing or following the latest trends. It is more about wearing what makes you feel comfortable. It is more about wearing fabric that has a real life and can be maintained easily.


Floor Length Suit
Black is back!
Last year, orange rocked. Beginning with the craze of neon colors, orange made a huge comeback and nearly crushed the black but this year, black would make a comeback. So, if you haven’t had even one black piece in your wardrobe, it is time to go shopping. This evergreen color can also make you look thin. See! We gave you another reason to shop for black.


Designer Suit and Saree


Be innovative
Don’t be boring. A normal salwar suit or Kurtis has been seen by everyone. We’re looking for something new. Show us your creativity and be innovative.


Innovative Kurti


These are the ethnic wear trends 2016. We’re adamant in not disappointing you this year as well. Tell us what trends you think would rise in 2016 and would lose their shine in the New Year? Which is your favorite trend?
We have shared our secrets and told you about latest trends in ethnic wear. And we would love it if you share these with your friends. Also, don’t forget to visit our Fashion store to grab some of the trendiest dresses ever created.

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