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Dress yourself according to the color of the day.

We live in a colorful world so most of the time we dream of colors. Most of the colors have archetypal feelings and emotions associated with them. When we come to know about the positive influence of a colour we wish to get benefited from that. Majority of people dress themselves according to the color of the day.

Color of Monday
Monday : White clothes with white stone jewellery like pearl jewellery etc.
Color of Tuesday
Tuesday : Dress with red color and all shades of red and red stone jewellery or jewellery embedded with Coral.
Color of Wednesday
Wednesday : Green dress and Green stone jewellery like Emerald, Zade, Peridot.
Color of Thursday
Thursday : Yellow stone jewellery and Yellow and Golden dresses.
Color of Friday
Friday : White, off white, snow-white, bright white, Silver white and blue dress. Opal, Aquamarine, Diamond, Zircon jewellery.
Color of Saturday
Saturday : Blue, Indigo and Black dress with Blue stones like Blue Sapphire, Sodalite and Black purple stones like Amethyst.
Sunday : Pink, Orange color clothes with Pink stones or rose color stones, jewelries like ruby, garnets, blood stones etc. Pink color necklace, bracelet should be used.

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